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San Jordi flea market takes place every Saturday of the year in the hippodrome of San Jordi, in Ibiza Island, very close to Ibiza city. The general timetable is from 9.00 h to 15.00 h, and from 7.00 h to 8.45 for the sellers to set up the stall.


Everybody over 16.


In winter season, the places will be distributed on Friday from 12:30 to 14:30. (at the Sant Jordi racecourse) to sell on Saturday, the space will be maximum 4m. You will receive a plan of the market indicating your designated place. The different places of the market are signalized and numbered, making it easier for you to get to your reserved location. However, if you have any doubts or you cannot find your space, before installing your stall, do not hesitate to ask us and we will help you find your designated location.


For eventual sellers the stalls cannot exceed 4 meters, leaving a 50 centimeter  gap between stalls. Bring a table, board, hangers or similar to display your products, it is not recommendable to sell clothes, towels, etc… If they are lying on the ground, which we do not recommend, they must be ordently  placed, clean and folded.
All the used goods must be in acceptable condition and at a reasonable prize.
You must always inform the buyer of the conditions of the object being sold. Even if the product has a fault, you will be winning and it will be an honest sell.
You cannot sell or give away food or drink without the authorization of the organization. You can also not sell or give away animals or objects banned by the Spanish government.
In order to reserve your stall you have to accept these terms and conditions, and therefore comply with them.
Keep your stall area clean and tidy and do not leave garbage behind. If you do not find your stall area clean when you arrive contact the MST team and we will take care of it. It is forbidden to shout in order to promote your products.  

If the MST team finds a stall that does not meet these requirements, the seller will be expelled inmedeatly. Unfriendly behaviour between sellers will not be tolerated.


You can acces with rour car, indicating licence plate, model, brand and especially the dimensions of the vehicle. Only one vehicle per stall.
IMPORTANT respect the speed limit at all times. Do not exceed 10 km/h, in order not to disturb other sellers, lift dirt from the ground, and more important, for the safety of the people.

Drive anti-clockwise always, in your way in and in your way out. If you have any problems contact the MST organization. You can ask for us at the bar. We also recommend you to have your insurance updated because the organization is not responsible of any damages caused to or by your car. Enter the hippodrome at 08.00 in order not to disturbe other sellers, and be aware that you cannot move the car between 09.00 and 14.00 h.


It is an open doors event, and therefore there is always the risk of bad weather, rain, wind, etc.. Bring plastics or covers on rainy days, and strings, clips  or similar to protect and ensure your stall from falling down and objects flying away on windy days. The MST is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to other people in these cases.

If the market is cancelled early Saturday morning, the reservation will be postponed for next Saturday. The MST is a private location, and reserves the right to cancel the event a day earlier by announcing it in its webpage.
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